The Little Death is playing at Toronto International Film Festival

Josh Lawson’s feature film The Little Death is currently screening at the Toronto Film Festival. Starring Josh Lawson, Kate Mulvany, Bojana Novokovic, Ben Lawson, Patrick Brammel, Kate Box, Alan Dukes, Lisa McCune, TJ Power, Damon Herriman and Erin James this ensemble comedy will be hitting Australian cinemas from September 25 2014.

Check out some of the reviews here:

“Newcomer Erin James plays Monica, a partially deaf switchboard operator at a video relay service who acts as a go-between connecting deaf-mute Sam (TJ Power) to a phone sex line. The two actors have fairytale chemistry, making this particular segment both hilarious and swooningly romantic.”

Hollywood Reporter review


“It was difficult to hear all the dialogue during the phone sex scene (featuring Erin James and TJ Power) because of the waves of laughter resounding through the cinema.”

Sydney Arts Guide review


“It’s something of a triumph for Erin James in her first movie role.”

Screen Daily review


“A few closing scenes involving a video relay service for the deaf are truly magic and could not have been as electric or as riotously funny as they were, without the chemistry between first timer Erin James as Monica and TJ Power (Eat Pray Love, The Sapphires) as Sam…”

The Iris review


Saving the best for nearly last, the film should have concluded with what could be the sweetest and most hilarious scene of any film this year. A call center worker Monica (Erin James) that relays messages for the deaf works her way through a phone sex chat that she must relay in sign language back to the caller; a reserved but kind graphic novelist Sam (T.J Power). From complete smut to genuine tear-inducing moments, this long scene works its way effortlessly through comedy and romance. Accentuating this is the phone sex worker on the other end whose comic timing is brilliant. Truly a perfectly directed segment that if a short, would probably win every short film award.

TwitchFilm review